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RuneScape private servers have been worked on and improved since 2006. Over the years we as a community have made millions of forum posts on multiple forum boards, and information these days can be hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for exactly… you often need key words to find what you need.

Our goal is to bring together all we know and group key information as simply as possible so you can always find what you need.

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New to RSPS? Read below, then check out Making A RSPS and Learn To Code

RSPS introduction.. what is a private server?

A RuneScape Private Server is a copy of the real runescape. This however does NOT mean you keep your account that you have on RS, it only means it is a copy of what you can do ingame, the gameplay. This includes skills, minigames, PvM, PKing, quests, achivement diaries and more.

Why are private servers so fun? Because there are no limits to what you can do. Want to get 99 strength? Simple. Type something and your keyboard and you've got it! Want to see what 100m coins looks like in your inventory? Simple! A few clicks and you've got it.

Once you have 100m, any skill level, any item you want… things can get boring real fast. This is why many private servers are still like RuneScape… you have to train and earn money, but everything is a lot faster. This means XP rates may be higher. When you hit a 10, instead of getting 40 xp, you may get 4000. (100x increase in xp). This means you still have to work, but it takes 100th of the time, you can spend more time doing stuff you enjoy.

As a result of this many people who play RSPS are people who don't have the time for real RS. It may take 6 weeks to train 60-99 strength. On a private server, you can do it in a fraction of the time. Making money is faster too.

The best bit: you don't have to play other peoples servers, you can make your own! Ever wanted a silver moderator crown? or even a GOLD one? You can get it!

Private servers are a big world, and it can be a cerve if you want to learn how to make new gameplay, but if you just want to play a copy of RS with faster achivements, welcome to private servers. There is a list of the top 30 servers with hundreds of players on each on the RuneServer toplist, or the RuneLocus Toplist.

List of pages on the Wiki

Clicking Topics or Server Bases at the top of the wiki, and select a topic from the dropdown menu. Here is a small list of the things we have information on:

  • The history of RSPS
  • Running a server
  • Learning to code
  • Server bases
  • Benchmarks (cycle time speed)
  • Server design (networking, multi-threading and more)
  • Systems inside a server (preloaded data, updating, file/friend servers)
  • Protocol (Jaggrab, Ondemand, Player/npc Updating)
  • Scripting (writing content faster not using java)
  • Dev tools (shop editors, definition editors, dialogue makers)
  • Filetypes (.xml, .bin, .txt, .cfg, .config, .js, .json)